Andrew’s Rant

This isn’t meant to be a discussion. It’s my opinion and some things I’m just looking to get off my chest. Move along if it’s of no interest to you.

Many things in this rant are trivial. If for no other reason, getting them off my chest to a public place makes me feel better and prevents me getting on my soap box in front of others.

Here goes……



Why is it so popular to say “anyways” rather than “anyway”? Adding an “S” doesn’t achieve anything at all; other than make the word a letter longer. Does it sound more cool? Is it hip?


This really winds me up. Why does the word “Like” have to appear several times in every Sentence? If you’re talking faster than your brain can produce the words then slow down. The word has a meaning and after  a while of hearing it as a punctation is just irritating. At least for me. There are podcasts I’d love to listed to up life’s too short to listen to a 60 minute podcast of which 10 minutes is the word “like”.


I see these two words in virtually every email, most written communication and some verbal communication of late. In 80% of cases, the meaning of the sentence doesn’t change when those two words are taken out. I really think some people think it makes them seem smarter. Much like the phrase “thinking outside the box” from 20 years ago.